NikeLAB Introduce the City Knife 3 Flyknit

NikeLAB Introduce the City Knife 3 Flyknit

Nike?s quest to create collapsible sneakers for their ACG line has led them down a long and winding trail, and for many years it looked like the idea was lost in the wilderness. Starting with sneakers like the Pocket Knife, Nike refined the formula and went on to create the City Knife 1 and 2 ? iterations of the same concertina-concept. The outrageous, origami-level folding design employed by the sneakers that allowed them to be packed away into tight spaces failed to make waves when they were first released ? but Nike is giving it another go with these razor sharp City Knife 3 Flyknits.

The new sneakers are grown from the same seed ? the idea that sneakers could collapse like a paper bag ? but have discarded geometric creases for naturally packable materials. The build is made of just five parts, none of which rely on stitching, and the pliable rubber outsole is designed to flatten. It?s a clever construction that’s in line with the market’s demand for sock-style kicks, so we wouldn?t be at all surprised if this Knife will be the one to cut into the market.

The NikeLAB City Knife 3 Flyknit will be available on May 11 from Nike online.

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